Looking for some Environmental Education Resources?

You’ve come to the right place! MEEA wants to help you get connected with high-quality materials, videos, tutorials, and grant or funding opportunities.

Instructional Materials

The Montana Institute on Ecosystems sponsors the Montana Climate Assessment through which some great instructional materials have been developed.

CLIMB is an acronym for Climate in My Backyard. It is an educational outreach program serving informal educators and K-12 schools and is the outreach arm of the Montana Climate Assessment.  It is designed to help engage and inspire students by connecting them with climate science researchers in Montana and the Rocky Mountain West.

On the CLIMB website educators can find out more about what Institute on Ecosystems (IoE) researchers are doing, view an interactive map which shows IoE Climate-Related Student Research Projects and find out about upcoming science events. Under the Resources section you will find a variety of free climate related resources including lesson plans, one-page information sheets, videos of science talks and short activities.

Check out their information and free resources!

The National Environmental Education Foundation provides educator resources integrating Environmental Education and STEM.

With the push to integrate STEM into student learning, its important to tie STEM back to Environmental Education. The National Environmental Education Foundation strives to secure a safer and healthier world for ourselves, our children, and for generations to come. Visit their website to view infographics, educator toolkits, activity guides, and video resources all about “greening” STEM. Check out their free resources!

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