Annual Conference

The 2018 Conference in Great Falls was a great success! Stay tuned for more information on our 28th Annual Conference taking place this March 21-23rd, 2019 at Fairmont Hot Springs!

Past Conferences:

27th Annual MEEA Conference

Tough Teaching Topics

March 22 – 24, 2018, Great Falls, MT
Great Falls University MSU
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Professional Development Field Trips and Training

Thursday March 22, 2018
Full day professional development sessions will be held highlighting the resources found in the Great Falls area including field trips hosted by the Great Falls National Weather Service and Giant Springs State Park. The exhibit fair and an evening to connect and be inspired will be held that evening at Great Falls College, MSU. Celebrate the accomplishments and contributions by Montanans with the awards ceremony. Then get ready to be inspired as you take a quick glimpse into the minds of some exceptional educators during the Ignite presentations. Wrap it all up with by sharing the excitement of the evening with fellow attendees as you relax and enjoy light refreshments.

Friday March 23, 2018
Concurrent sessions from influential presenters across the state will be held through the day. The much anticipated keynote address featuring Dr. Steven Running will take place after a buffet lunch. Dr. Running is a Regents Professor of Ecology at the University of Montana. He is a co-Lead Chapter Author for the 2014 U.S. National Climate Assessment. He currently Chairs the NASA Earth Science Subcommittee, is a member of the NASA Science Advisory Council and the NOAA Climate Working Group. Dr. Running was a chapter Lead Author for the 4th Assessment of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change which shared the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007.

Saturday March 24, 2018
To accommodate educators who might not be able to take time off during the week we are offering additional full day professional development highlighting the resources found in the Great Falls    area on a Saturday. Field Trips include Freeze Out Lake/Flying Wild hosted by Montana Fish,  Wildlife and Parks.

We are excited to announce our  2018 MEEA Keynote speaker Dr. Steve Running!
Steven W. Running received his Ph.D. in Forest Ecology from Colorado State University, and has been with the University of Montana, Missoula since 1979, where he is a University Regents Professor of Global Ecology.  His primary research interest is the development of global and regional ecosystem biogeochemical models integrating remote sensing with bioclimatology and terrestrial ecology.  He is the Land Team Leader for the NASA Earth Observing System, Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer, and is responsible for the EOS global terrestrial net primary production and evapotranspiration datasets. He has published more than 300 scientific articles and two books. He was a co-Lead Chapter Author for the 2014 U.S. National Climate Assessment. He currently Chairs the NASA Earth Science Subcommittee, and is a member of the NASA Science Advisory Council.  Dr. Running was a chapter Lead Author for the 4th Assessment of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change which shared the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007. Dr. Running is an elected Fellow of the American Geophysical Union, has been  designated a Highly Cited Researcher by the Institute for Scientific Information, and in 2014 was designated one of “The World’s Most Influential Scientific Minds” in Geosciences. He has been honored with the E.O.Wilson Biodiversity Technology Pioneer Award, and received the W.T.Pecora award for lifetime achievement in Earth remote sensing from NASA and U.S.Geological Survey. In the popular press, his essay in 2007, “The 5 Stages of Climate Grief” has been widely quoted.

Concurrent Strands

  • Know the Facts: The power of facts and scientific consensus matters, however, providing the link between facts and feeling is just as important as we seek environmental literacy. EE is a learning process using facts to increase knowledge & awareness about the environment. From this knowledge we develope skills, foster attitudes, and motivate our students to take responsible action. A main goal of the 2018 conference is to empower educators to tackle tough teaching topics, and move their students toward environmental literacy. To begin this process we need to know that facts.
  • Share the Curriculum: In Montana’s widespread population, MEEA recognizes the need for avenues for educators to reach out to and utilize valuable resources in environmental education, as well as for ways for these entities to connect and collaborate. The annual MEEA conference strives to spotlight Montana’s most innovative environmental education organizations, programs and individuals who provide curriculum that is ready to use.
  • Be the Change: The success of environmental educators around Montana is celebrated as an example of what can happen in classrooms and organizations led with passion as well as practicality. Presentations from these educators will outline their proven methods and reproducible results.

What is in store for 2018?

Additionally, the Office of Public Instruction teacher certification renewal units are available for teachers for the entire conference.

A huge thank you to our sponsors who make this conference possible. We’re incredibly grateful for your support!

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Quotes from previous conference attendees:

“First of all, many thanks for putting the effort into crafting an excellent conference. I’m amazed by the quality of the MEEA conferences.”

“Really, it’s one of the most valuable conferences I have attended on a regular basis.”

“I can tell you that my experience at MEEA was very beneficial to my professional development as an educator. As someone who is on the ground, working directly with the kids on a daily basis, it was so refreshing to be amongst others working toward like goals in the field. The daily grind can take its toll on my inspiration, which is why conferences like these are so valuable. Not only do they energize our passion to reach children in new ways, but they encourage us to keep moving forward in our pursuits. It is also so great to hear from those who have been teaching for years, and learn from their earned experience.”