Annual Conference

The 29th Annual Conference is coming up on March 26-28th, 2020 at Chico Hot Springs!

Montana’s Many Voices: Exploring Equity and Inclusion in Environmental Education

This year we will focus on providing educators with resources to ensure their environmental education is promoting environmental literacy to all demographics and incorporating the varied perspectives from across our state.

Registration will open in January so keep your eyes peeled for that announcement. Too excited to wait? Don’t worry, a block of rooms at Chico Hot Springs has already been set aside if you want to get a jump on your lodging reservations.

Call for Presenters

Are you interested in presenting at this year’s conference? Check out this year’s strands and fill out our application to apply to present!

UNDERSTANDING THE SOCIOECONOMIC SPECTRUM: In this strand, sessions will focus on perspectives driven by socioeconomics. Have your and your organization identified the education implications for low income students in Montana? Do you and your program have some innovative strategies on how to better reach participants of all income levels in our state? If so, then this strand’s for you!

SAME STRATEGIES, DIFFERENT CLASSROOMS: In this strand, sessions will focus on unique integrations of differing educational philosophies. Does your organization partner closely with a classroom year after year? What makes this work and what have you learned over time? Or if you’re a classroom teacher, what type of EE strategies do you incorporate in your classroom each year? How have EE providers worked effectively with you? If this sounds familiar, then this strand’s for you!

CULTURAL INCLUSION AS A FOUNDATION: In this strand, offerings will focus on perspectives driven by demographic differences. Do you serve a diverse audience? How does your curriculum address or reflect diversity and inclusion? Have you and your organization focused on inclusivity recently? If so, how? We’re hoping for sessions that celebrate and include Montana’s cultural differences in teaching. If you have strategies and experience in this area, then this strand’s for you!

Quotes from previous conference attendees:

“First of all, many thanks for putting the effort into crafting an excellent conference. I’m amazed by the quality of the MEEA conferences.”

“Really, it’s one of the most valuable conferences I have attended on a regular basis.”

“I can tell you that my experience at MEEA was very beneficial to my professional development as an educator. As someone who is on the ground, working directly with the kids on a daily basis, it was so refreshing to be amongst others working toward like goals in the field. The daily grind can take its toll on my inspiration, which is why conferences like these are so valuable. Not only do they energize our passion to reach children in new ways, but they encourage us to keep moving forward in our pursuits. It is also so great to hear from those who have been teaching for years, and learn from their earned experience.”

Many thanks to our 2019 Sponsors. Interested in sponsoring this year’s conference send and email to Jess at!

·         National Wildlife Federation – Patron Sponsor

·         MT Department of Environmental Quality – Patron Sponsor

·         MT Fish Wildlife & Parks – Foundation Sponsor

·         Yellowstone Forever – Foundation Sponsor

·         Clark Fork Watershed Education Program – Foundation Sponsor

·         MT Noxious Weed Education Campaign – Patron Sponsor

·         Northwestern Energy – Foundation Sponsor

·         Montana Audubon Center – Foundation Sponsor