MFPE Conference

The annual Educator Conference, sponsored by MEA-MFT, is the largest single professional development opportunity for teachers in the state! Cycling around Montana, each year MEEA works as a curriculum group to help connect our members and member organizations with teachers. As environmental, outdoor, nature, or place-based educators, we encourage you to come to the educator conference, present and share your work, and network with literally thousands of teachers!

 Applications to present are due by April 30th, annually.  If accepted, you’ll still need to register for the conference, but you will be compensated $30 for every session that you teach! Yes, you can and are encouraged to offer multiple sessions!

MEEA wants you to apply to present and share what you do best! Tell your story, share your expertise, and get the word out about your opportunities. Even if you can’t attend, have one of your cooperating teachers present on your behalf! Don’t miss out on the chance to network, and increase your impact.

MEEA is continuing to partner with the Montana Science Teacher Association (MSTA) to host sessions. You’ll be presenting in classrooms either with the science teachers or nearby them, ensuring that your organization will be visible and easy to access for teachers. MEEA is here to support you in making this happen!

Let us know how we can support you in the process and we look forward to spending time with you there! Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.

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