A Forest for every classroom

What is A Forest for Every Classroom?
FFEC is a dynamic professional development program for educators focused on place-based approaches to education. Teachers who participate in FFEC gain experience, form relationships and increase their own knowledge so that they are able to foster student understanding of and appreciation for their natural and human communities.

FFEC as Real Professional Development
The FFEC program takes a unique approach to professional development. Teachers gather with forest and educational experts every season throughout the year. Each session builds skills and knowledge about forests, outdoor teaching, integrated approaches and more. Teachers complete the program with quality curriculum and contacts within their community providing lasting connections between the classroom and the outdoors.

Place-Based Education
FFEC is based in an approach to teaching and learning called place-based education (PBE). PBE helps students learn about and connect to their place through active, hands-on, real-world and ongoing classroom and field experiences. At the heart of FFEC is the belief that students who are immersed in the interdisciplinary study of tier place will be more eager to learn and be involved in the stewardship of their communities and surrounding lands.

FFEC Integrates:

  • Service learning.
  • Creative and innovative curriculum development.
  • Knowledge and awareness of the historic and cultural stories of place.
  • Relationships with a wide variety of resource experts.
  • Community economics.
  • How to deal with differences in opinion about how to live with and in local landscapes.
  • And much, much more.

The FFEC program creates a fun and engaging atmosphere for learning about our region and techniques for bringing local themes and content into the classroom curriculum.

Program Partners
The FFEC program is offered and supported by a diverse group of program partners that include:

  • US Forest Service
  • Montana State Fish Wildlife and Parks
  • Montana Discovery Foundation
  • Montana Natural History Center
  • Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation
  • Arthur Carhart National Wilderness Training Center
  • Montana Forest Restoration Committee
  • Montana Environmental Education Association
  • Watershed Education Network
  • Montana Project Learning Tree and MSU Extension Forestry
  • The University of Montana
  • And additional teachers, educators and community members

Teachers immerse themselves in the exploration of place. Especially when camping!


Current FFEC Professional Development Opportunities

The Missoula FFEC program and the Elkhorn FFEC program are currently offering Alumni Workshop sessions for FFEC program graduates.  Please check back to find out where the next FFEC replication will take place in Montana!

Program Fact Sheet Program Agenda Application Form

The FFEC program has included unique experiences for learning and discovery. From forest exploration to horse drawn wagon tours of a private ranch!

What do Teachers Say About A Forest for Every Classroom?

"This course has re-kindled my soul and passion for teaching. It has made it meaningful again. I am so grateful for the vision, the inspiration, the follow-through, and the commitment and knowledge that the partners have channeled through us."

"There were so many things that we did that were truly meaningful, thinks I'll not only use in my classroom, but the rest of my life."

"Many of the activities provide ways to bring your students into the natural world in ways you never experienced."

"As you begin your year's journey with the leaders of this group, be prepared to be amazed. The passion that you will encounter is the stuff of transformation."


Thanks to Montana State University Extension Forestry and
for their support of Montana Project Learning Tree which is integrated into the Forest for Every Classroom Program.