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Montana Environmental Education Association works entirely on behalf of its members. Our greatest strength are the individuals and organizations that support the mission. As an organization, MEEA seeks to:

  • Serve as a vehicle to unify the voices of diverse elements of EE;
  • Provide an entry point for individuals and organizations seeking to learn more about EE;
  • Connect educators with resource providers and services;
  • Foster an awareness and understanding of the environment and local sense of place;
  • Present accurate information about environmental problems and issues; and
  • Assist in identifying and accessing funding resources.

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Montana Watercourse, Water Summit 2007

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MEEA Membership Rates:
Student* $15
Individual $30
MEEA/MSTA Joint Membership $40
Organization $100
Sustaining at least $200

*Students must be registered in a K12 system, home school, or college/university.

Mail payment and MEEA Membership Application to:

MEEA PO Box 1015 Missoula, MT 59806