**NOTE: MEEA will be updating its strategic plan at the 2013 board retreat.

Download a copy of the MEEA Strategic Plan here.


Montana Environmental Education Association

Strategic Plan

Revised August 2006


MEEA unites, supports and inspires individuals to be stewards of the natural world.


GOAL 1: MEEA is the leader of EE in Montana.

Strategy 1.1 – MEEA will be the primary communication link of EE in Montana.

  • Regularly update the website
  • Update and expand statewide calendar
  • Create a list of EE providers by region, including reciprocal links to their site
  • Facilitate listserv

Strategy 1.1A - BugNet serves as the premier EE publication in Montana

  • Seek professional articles for inclusion
  • Highlight a different EE provider in each issue
  • Highlight a different member in each issue
  • Dedicate one page to state/national EE issues
  • Promote EE events (workshops)
  • Address timely themes for Montana
  • Offer electronic and hardcopy versions
  • Highlight one lesson in each issue

Strategy 1.2 – MEEA holds an annual conference that is recognized as the pre-eminent EE event in Montana

  • Allow a forum for presenters
  • Allow substantive time for networking
  • Conference rotation between Bozeman and Helena
  • Address current trends in EE and introduce national perspective
  • Maintain affordable costs and offer scholarships for attendance
  • Partner conference with local EE providers
  • Promote to all EE interests in Montana
  • NAAEE staff is invited to periodically do presentations

Strategy 1.3 – MEEA unites the EE community by advocating high quality EE

  • MEEA supports EE events
  • MEEA sponsors efforts by other EE providers
  • Board and staff members serve on committees of other community providers

Strategy 1.4 – MEEA provides professional development opportunities for the EE community

  • Include a segment of the conference as professional growth sessions
  • Promote Guidelines for Excellence at workshops/conferences/BugNet
  • Include professional growth articles in BugNet
  • Host regional EE gatherings statewide to keep providers up to date with latest programs, materials and trends in the field

Strategy 1.5 – Sustain and grow EE in Montana

  • Promote Montana guidelines for EE
  • Create an inventory of EE programs, resources and providers and update the information on website
  • Publish an annual state of EE in Montana report
  • Establish an EE Advisory Council
  • Establish a legislated mandate for EE in the classroom
  • Continue development of EE certification

GOAL 2: MEEA will be an organization of greater numbers and diversity of members.


Strategy 2.1 – Increase membership numbers by 15% annually, while reducing numbers of non-renewals. Hold regional activities to determine what MEEA can do to attract more teachers, organizations and non-profit members

  • Clarify the benefits and reasons for each membership category
  • Create a marketing strategy and campaign, soliciting memberships in each membership level
  • Establish renewal request procedure
  • Send quarterly updated membership lists to Board of Directors
  • Board of Directors will personalize membership renewal requests to members in their region

GOAL 3: MEEA sustains a high quality leadership.


Strategy 3.1 – Staff and Board of Directors are up to date professionally

  • Each year at staff/board will attend professional EE meetings
  • MEEA Conferences provide a professional growth branch of presentations
  • MEEA board retreats incorporate some aspect of professional board development
  • Staff is evaluated annually

Strategy 3.2 – MEEA Board of Directors represent diversity within the field and within the state

  • Board and staff are provided clear job expectations
  • Meetings are timely and regularly scheduled
  • Board members actively recruit future board members, committee members and volunteers
  • Committee responsibilities are clearly detailed, with non-board committee members encouraged to join the Board of Directors
  • Advisory Council members are invited to join the MEEA Board of Directors

GOAL 4: MEEA is financially stable.

Strategy 4.1 – Secure grants/contracts/agreements with public and private funds

  • Target agencies that have potential as MEEA partners
  • Secure grants to fully-fund the Executive Director’s position and a administrative assistant position
  • Secure grants to include agency partners in workshops

Strategy 4.2 – Build capacity of fundraising at Conference

  • A Board member will be appointed Chair to oversee the fundraising committee

Strategy 4.3 – Implement nonprofit best practices in financial management

Strategy 4.4 – Create and maintain physical presence across the state

  • Seek partnerships for satellite space